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S+ Sleep Tracker

If you’re having trouble sleeping the last thing you need is to have to wear an uncomforable band around your arm to make drifting off even more difficult. Not any more – just pop the S+ by RedMed by your bed and track your sleep, drift off with soothing tones & have an alarm wake you up when you are at your least grouchy.


Release your inner Captain Kirk and demand your friends beam you up with this replica Star Trek communicator which pairs with your mobile phone. Starship not included.


Solemate Mini in Black, Yellow, Red and Blue

If you want to listen to your music out and about without your tinny smartphone speaker making you sound like a hooded youth on a park bench, then we strongly suggest you consider upgrading you mobile music experience to the compact but powerful (and wireless) Solemate mini.


Everyone likes to make their home welcoming to visitors, so why not start with the doormat introducing himself – there are no prizes for guessing what his name is…


So Jabba the Hut got to him before you? Well don’t worry you can still keep Han on your wall to remind you of that unpaid debt, and without even having to hire any bounty hunters. This replica is a full life size replica of Han Solo in carbonite.


So Avengers Assemble is proving to be one of the biggest grossing movies ever – if you’re a fan and want to top up that gross just a little more and you have a spare blank wall then look no further!


What says 80s more than a good old-fashioned Brixton briefcase? Just add a Mohican and you’ve got yourself a scene from Star Trek 4 right there, well they’re back! And this time for your iPhone – and they’re loud!


If there’s one thing Penguins are good at it’s keeping cool, but for so long they’ve done nothing for you – now they can pull their weight by keeping your drink cool ice cube style (not the rapper).